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Tomás A, Pereira da Fonseca I, Valkenburg T & Rebelo MT (submitted). Parasite island syndromes in the context of ectoparasites highly host specific: chewing lice (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera and Amblycera) in wild Azorean and Portugal mainland populations of four passerine species. Journal Of Biogeography, See more
Tomás A, Pereira da Fonseca I, Valkenburg T, Rebelo MT (submitted). Parasite Island Syndromes update in the context of nidicolous ectoparasites: fleas (Siphonaptera) in Azorean wild birds. Basic And Applied Ecology, See more
Arkam M., Alves A., Lopes A., Čechová J., Pokluda R., Eichmeier A., Zitouni A., Mahamedi A.E., Berraf-Tebbal A. (in press). Diversity of Botryosphaeriaceae causing grapevine trunk diseases and their spatial distribution under different climatic conditions in Algeria. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, See more
Salvatore M.M., DellaGreca M., Nicoletti R., Salvatore F., Tuzi A., De Tomaso G., Alves A., Mahamedi A.E., Berraf-Tebbal A., Andolfi A. (in press). Mitidjospirone, a new spirodioxynaphthalene and GC-MS screening of secondary metabolites produced by strains of Lasiodiplodia mitidjana associated to Citrus sinensis dieback. NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH, See more
Domingues A, da Costa JP, Rocha-Santos TAP, Gonçalves FJM, Pereira R, Pereira JL (in press). Biosorption potential of the shell of Corbicula fluminea towards olive oil mill waste. International Journal Of Environmental Science And Technology , See more
Bisht M, Macário IPE, Neves MC, Pereira JL, Pandey S, Rogers RD, Coutinho JAP, Ventura SPM (in press). Enhanced dissolution of chitin using acidic deep eutectic solvents: a sustainable and simple approach to extract chitin from Crayfish shell wastes as alternative feedstocks. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, See more
Santos J., Hilário S., Pinto G., Alves A. (in press). Diversity and pathogenicity of pestalotioid fungi associated with blueberry plants in Portugal, with description of three novel species of Neopestalotiopsis. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, See more
Evtyugina M, Vicente E.D., Vicente A.M., Nunes T., Lucarelli F., Calzolai G., Nava S., Blanco-Alegre C., Calvo A.I., Castro A., Fraile R., Oduber F., Cerqueira M., Alves C.A. (In Press). Air quality and particulate matter speciation in a beauty salon and surrounding outdoor environment: exploratory study . Atmospheric Pollution Research, See more
Hilário S., Santos L. Phillips A.J.L., Alves A. (in press). Caveats of the internal transcribed spacer region as a barcode to resolve species boundaries in Diaporthe. FUNGAL BIOLOGY, See more
Castanheira, JM, Marques, CA F (In press). The equatorial wave skeleton of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society, See more
Ares A., Tacão M., Figueira D., Garcia E., Costa J. (in press). Draft genome resources of six Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae strains isolated from Actinidia chinensis cv. deliciosa leaves in Portugal. Phytopathology, See more
Martyn G. Kelly, Geoff Phillips, Heliana Teixeira, Gábor Várbíró, Fuensanta Salas Herrero, Nigel J. Willby, Sandra Poikane (In press). Establishing ecologically-relevant nutrient thresholds: A tool-kit with guidance on its use. Science Of The Total Environment, See more
Ramos A.S., Antunes S.C., Gonçalves F., Nunes B. (in press). The role of Pollicipes pollicipes (GMELIN 1789) as environmental sentinel for the assessment of anthropogenic contamination. Archives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, See more
Vicente E.D., Lopes I., Figueiredo D., Gonçalves C., Vicente A., Alves C. (In press). Mutagenicity of PM10-bound PAHs from non-exhaust sources. Air Quality, Atmosphere And Health, See more
Viegas C., Dias M., Almeida B., Vicente E., Candeias C., Caetano L.A., Carolino E., Alves C. (In Press). Loading rates of dust and bioburden in dwellings in an inland city of southern Europe. Atmosphere, See more
Cancelo-González J., Rial-Rivas M.E., Díaz-Fierros F. (in press). Study of nitrogen losses at the microcosm in undisturbed soil samples subjected to thermal shocks. FLAMMA, 5 (1), 10-13. See more
Duarte B., Cabrita M.T., Vidal T., Pereira J.L., Pacheco M., Pereira P., Canário J., Gonçalves F.J.M., Matos A.R., Rosa R., Marques J.C., Caçador I., Gameiro C. (in press). Phytoplankton community-level bio-optical assessment in a naturally mercury contaminated Antartic ecosystem (Deception Island). See more
Monteiro P., Gonçalves M.F.M., Pinto G., Silva B., Martín-García J., Díez J.J., Alves A. (in press). Three novel species of fungi associated with pine species showing needle blight-like disease symptoms. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, See more
Lopes J.F., J. A. Ferreira, A. C. Rocha, M. T. Moita, C. I. Silva , A. C. Cardoso (in press). The influence of seasonal forcing in harmful and non-harmful algae in the Aveiro coastal. Harmfull Algae, See more
Caumo S., Yera A.B., Vicente A., Alves C., Roubicek D.A., Vasconcellos P.C. (In press). Particulate matter-bound organic compounds: levels, mutagenicity, and health risks. Environmental Science And Pollution Research, See more
Christodoulou M, O'Hara T, Hugall A, Khodami S, Rodrigues CF, Hilario A, Vink A, Martinez-Arbizu P (in press). Unexpected high abyssal ophiuroid diversity in polymetallic nodule fields of the Northeast Pacific Ocean, and implications for conservation. Biogeosciences, See more
Joel Lopes, Francesca Coppola, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Valentina Meucci, Carlo Pretti, Gianluca Polese, Rosa Freitas (2022). How temperature rise will influence the toxic impacts of 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol in Mytilus galloprovincialis? . Environmental Research , See more
Peixoto, P, Loureiro, S, Henriques I (2022). The impact of silver sulfide nanoparticles and silver ions in soil microbiome. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, See more
Peixoto, S., Oliveira, JMM, Henriques, I, Morgado, R, Soares, AMVM , Loureiro, S (2022). Pollution- induced community tolerance framework - disc diffusion method to assess the impact of silver nanoparticles in soils: Potential relevance for risk assessment. APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 169 (104185), See more
Luís Vieira, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Rosa Freitas (2022). Caffeine as a Contaminant of Concern: a review on concentrations and impacts in marine coastal systems. Chemosphere, See more
Moreira A., Cruz S., Marques R., Cartaxana, P. (2022). The underexplored potential of green macroalgae in aquaculture. REVIEWS IN AQUACULTURE, See more
Costa V, Mogens R. Flindt, Marta Lopes, J. Pedro Coelho, Ana F. Costa, Ana I. Lillebø, Sousa Ana I. (2022). Enhancing the resilience of Zostera noltei seagrass meadows against Arenicola spp. bio-invasion: a decision-making approach. Journal Of Environmental Management, 302 (113969), See more
Dias D., Fonseca C., Mendo S., Caetano T. (2022). A closer look on the variety and abundance of the faecal resistome of wild boar. Environmental Pollution, Volume 292, Part B See more
Madalena Andrade, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Montserrat Solé, Eduarda Pereira, Rosa Freitas (2022). Will climate changes enhance the impacts of e-waste in aquatic systems?. Chemosphere, See more
Santana, L.M.B.M., Rodrigues, A.C.M., Campos, D., Kaczerewska, O., Figueiredo, J., Silva, S., Sousa, I., Maia, F., Tedim, J., Abessa, D.M.S., Pousão-Ferreira, P., Candeias-Mendes, A., Florbela S., Castanho, S., Soares, A.M.V.M., Rocha, R.M., Silva, A.L., Martins, R. (2022). Can the toxicity of polyethylene microplastics and engineered nanoclays on flatfish (Solea senegalensis) be influenced by the presence of each other?. Science Of The Total Environment, 804 150188 See more
Francesca Coppola, Tania Russo, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Paula Marques, Gianluca Polese, Eduarda Pereira, Rosa Freitas (2022). The influence of salinity in the toxicity of remediated seawater. Environmental Science And Pollution Research., See more
Francesca Coppola, Tania Russo, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Paula Marques, Gianluca Polese, Eduarda Pereira, Rosa Freitas (2022). The influence of salinity in the toxicity of remediated seawater. . Environmental Science And Pollution Research., See more
Ângela Almeida, Vânia Calisto, Valdemar I. Esteves, Rudolf J. Schneider, Amadeu M. V. M. Soares, Rosa Freitas. (2022). Salinity-dependent impacts on the effects of antiepileptic and antihistaminic drugs in Ruditapes philippinarum. . Science Of The Total Environment, See more
Oliveira, J.M.M., Henriques, I., Read, D.S., Gweon, H.S., Morgado, R.G., Peixoto, S., Correia, A., Soares A.M.V.M., Loureiro, S. (2022). Gut and faecal bacterial community of the terrestrial isopod Porcellionides pruinosus: potential use for monitoring exposure scenarios. . Ecotoxicology, See more
Costa D, Quinteiro P, Pereira V, Dias AC (2022). Social life cycle assessment based on input-output analysis of the Portuguese pulp and paper sector. Journal Of Cleaner Production, 330 129851 See more
Santos D., Fernández-Fernández S., Abreu T., Silva P.A., Baptista P. (2022). Retrieval of nearshore bathymetry from Sentinel-1 SAR data in high energetic wave coasts: The Portuguese case study. Remote Sensing Applications: Society And Environment, See more
Daniel D, Campos JC, Costa PC, Nunes B (2022). Toxicity of two drugs towards the marine filter feeder Mytilus spp, using biochemical and shell integrity parameters. Environmental Pollution, See more
Beatriz Rios-Fuster C.a.r.m.e. .A.l.o.m.a.r., Xavier Capó ., Gema Paniagua González ., Rosa Maria Garcinuño Martínez ., Dulce Lucy Soliz Rojas ., fMonica Silva ., Pilar Fernández Hernando ., Montserrat Solé ., Rosa Freitas S.a.l.u.d. .D.e.u.d.e.r.o. . (2022). A comprehensive evaluation of environmental quality: Integrating chemical and physiological analyses in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) as a biomonitoring strategy. . Journal Of Hazrdous Materials , See more
Khurshid Alam Bhuiyana, Belén Marín Rodríguez, Adilia Pires, Rosa Freitas, Mercedes Conradi. (2022). Physiological, biochemical responses and parental transfer of Ampelisca brevicornis (Costa, 1853) to ocean acidification. Environmental Pollution , See more
Silva, C. J., Machado, A. L., Campos, D., Rodrigues, A. C., Silva, A. L. P., Soares, A. M., & Pestana, J. L (2022). Microplastics in freshwater sediments: Effects on benthic invertebrate communities and ecosystem functioning assessed in artificial streams. Science Of The Total Environment, See more
Daniel D, Alkimin G, Nunes B (2022). Raphanus raphanistrum and Brassica oleracea seeds and their use as test organisms for the assessment of toxicity of a model xenobiotic, ciprofloxacin. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, See more
Leitão F, Pinto G, Amaral J, Monteiro P, Henriques I. (2022). New insights into the role of constitutive bacterial rhizobiome and phenolic compounds in two Pinus spp. with contrasting susceptibility to pine pitch canker. Tree Physiol. , See more
Prats SA., Verheijen F.G.A., Merino A., FGonzalez-Perez J.A., De La Rosa J.M. (2021, Accepted). Straw mulch and biochar application in recently burned areas of Algarve (Portugal) and Andalusia (Spain). Best Soil Management Practices For Soil Organic Carbon Maintenance And Sequestration: A Technical Manual. Global Soil Partnership (GSP) Secretariat FAO Organization , See more
Bicho, R.C., Faustino, A.M.R., Carvalho, F., Soares A.M.V.M., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Amorim, M.J.B. (2021). Embryotoxicity of silver nanomaterials (Ag NM300k) in the soil invertebrate Enchytraeus crypticus – functional assay detects Ca channels shutdown  . NanoImpact, 21 100300 See more
Crewell, S., Ebell, K., Konjari, P., Mech, M., Nomokonova, T., Radovan, A., Strack, D., Triana-Gómez, A. M., Noël, S., Scarlat, R., Spreen, G., Maturilli, M., Rinke, A., Gorodetskaya, I., Viceto, C., August, T., and Schröder, M. (2021). A systematic assessment of water vapor products in the Arctic: from instantaneous measurements to monthly means. Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., in review, See more
Mendes R., da Silva J.C.B., Magalhaes J.M., St‑Denis B., Bourgault D., Pinto J., Dias J.M.2. (2021). On the generation of internal waves by river plumes in subcritical initial conditions. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 11 (1963), See more
Lopes D., Melo T., Rey F., Costa E., Moreira A.S.P., Abreu M.H., Domingues P., Lillebo A.I., Calado R., Domingues M.R. (2021). Insights of species-specific polar lipidome signatures of seaweeds fostering their valorization in the blue bioeconomy. ALGAL RESEARCH-BIOMASS BIOFUELS AND BIOPRODUCTS, 55 See more
Amaral J, Lamelas L, Valledor L, Castillejo MA, Alves A, Pinto G (2021). Comparative proteomics of Pinus–Fusarium circinatum interactions reveal metabolic clues to biotic stress resistance. Physiologia Plantarum, See more
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Pasquale Borrelli, Christine Alewell, Pablo Alvarez, Jamil Alexandre Ayach Anache, Jantiene Baartman, Cristiano Ballabio, Nejc Bezak, Marcella Biddoccu, Artemi Cerdà, Devraj Chalise, Songchao Chen, Walter Chen, Anna Maria De Girolamo, Gizaw Desta Gessesse, Detlef Deumlich, Nazzareno Diodato, Nikolaos Efthimiou, Gunay Erpul, Peter Fiener, Michele Freppaz, Francesco Gentile, Andreas Gericke, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Bifeng Hu, Amelie Jeanneau, Konstantinos Kaffas, Mahboobeh Kiani-Harchegani, Ivan Lizaga Villuendas, Changjia Li, Luigi Lombardo, Manuel López-Vicente, Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja, Michael Märker, Francis Matthews, Chiyuan Miao, Matjaž Mikoš, Sirio Modugno, Markus Möller, Victoria Naipal, Mark Nearing, Stephen Owusu, Dinesh Panday, Edouard Patault, Cristian Valeriu Patriche, Laura Poggio, Raquel Portes, Laura Quijano, Mohammad Reza Rahdari, Mohammed Renima, Giovanni Francesco Ricci, Jesús Rodrigo-Comino, Sergio Saia, Aliakbar Nazari Samani, Calogero Schillaci, Vasileios Syrris, Hyuck Soo Kim, Diogo Noses Spinola, Paulo Tarso Oliveira, Hongfen Teng, Resham Thapa, Konstantinos Vantas, Diana Vieira, Jae E. Yang, Shuiqing Yin, Demetrio Antonio Zema, Guangju Zhao, Panos Panagos (2021). Soil erosion modelling: A global review and statistical analysis. Science Of The Total Environment, 780 See more

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