CESAM researcher, Glória Pinto, appointed as national representative of the COST action 'Non-native tree species for european forests – experiences, risks and opportunities (NNEXT)'

The management of tree species non-native to European geographical regions has a long tradition within forestry management practice. Their introduction to Europe (initially focussed on growing tree species) dates back to the 18th century when enormous demands were being made on natural resources to sustain the on-going industrialization of Europe. Today issues of biomass production and C sequestration as well as the question of whether these species could increase the adaptive capacity of forests to long-term climate change patterns have fuelled a growing interest in non-native tree species in Europe. In order to determine their fullest potential (and associated management options, but also assess associated risks and challenges) the need for a communication platform – allowing for discussions with stakeholder groups from within and beyond European borders; is argued.
More details about this COST action: http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fps/Actions/FP1403