Article by CESAM PhD student wins “Fluviário Prize 2023”

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The “Prize Fluviário 2023 – Young Scientist of the Year” promoted by the municipality and Fluviário of Mora, which distinguishes the best article published by a student, was awarded to Isabel Silva, a doctoral student at CESAM. This award aims to distinguish a student (PhD, MSc, Lic.) who has published as first author an article […]

10 Apr

UA project wants to raise awareness among young people about the importance of butterflies

Sensibilizar os jovens para a necessidade de proteger a biodiversidade de insetos polinizadores. Este é o grande objetivo do projeto de ciência-cidadã “Be Butterfly Friendly” que está a arrancar em 15 escolas do 1º e 2º ciclos do concelho de Oeiras. O projeto é coordenado por Clarisse Ferreira, estudante de Doutoramento em Biologia da Universidade […]

10 Apr

Article by CESAM doctoral student is highlighted on the cover of a century-old scientific magazine

The magazine ARDEA, published by the association of Dutch ornithologists (NOU) since 1912, highlights on the cover of its most recent issue the article led by Ana Coelho , CESAM PhD student who recently defended her thesis (December 2023). This article is one of the results of the Waders of the Bijagós project and reveals […]

27 Mar

Friend or foe, what do the locals say? Attitudes towards the endangered Iberian wolf in Central Portugal

The question is the article’s title published in the journal Biodiversidade e Conservação, which includes the participation of researchers from CESAM and the University of Aveiro. This work was carried out as part of the master’s thesis of former UA student Raquel Martins. As mentioned in the publication, Iberian wolf populations have been decreasing in […]

27 Mar

First “Pitch or Perish” contest

The Group of PhD Students from the Center for Environmental and Marine Studies at the University of Aveiro, GED-CESAM, in an initiative to connect the non-academic community, organized the first “Pitch or Perish” competition. In an allusion to a 2014 scientific article, which discussed the importance of publishing scientific work, the organization intended to draw […]

20 Mar

CESAM researcher is the guest at the 2nd edition of CAFÉ PACOPAR

“Biodiversity and habitat preservation” is the theme of this 2nd meeting, which brings together 30 ESE students and José Alves, a researcher from the University of Aveiro, at the table. Our invitation is for you to return to our CAFÉ PACOPAR and join the live broadcast on YouTube ( on March 21st, next Thursday, at […]

20 Mar

Article published in Nature Ecology and Evolution had the participation of researchers from CESAM

The article entitled “Mammal responses to global changes in human activity vary by trophic group and landscape”, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution and which included the participation of CESAM/Dbio researchers, Rita Torres and João Carvalho, is one of the largest studies on the activity of wild animals, counting more than 163 species of mammals […]