CESAM team published in the prestigious journal ‘Critical Reviews in Microbiology’

The prestigious journal ‘Critical Reviews in Microbiology’ published a revision of the state of the art of bacterial collagenases by Ana Sofia Duarte, António Correia and Ana Cristina Esteves.
Being involved in the degradation of the extracellular matrices of animal cells, bacterial collagenases are important virulence factors in a variety of pathogenic bacteria. These enzymes are among the most versatile proteases ones and have technological applications in health, food and even in the leather industries.
Nonetheless, there was until now a lack of scientific consensus for a proper and well-defined classification of these enzymes and a vast controversy regarding their correct cataloging. This review fulfils this gap presenting a new classification guide for bacterial collagenases, thus constituting   a strong contribute for an accurate and straightforward classification of these enzymes.
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