RESTART Programme is a new FCT funding instrument, whose first Call opened in the 15th of February, created with the aim of promoting gender equality and equal opportunities through competitive funding of individual R&D projects, in all scientific fields, when carried out by researchers who have recently taken parental leave, including by adoption. Aligned with public policies in this area, RESTART also covers, with specific eligibility conditions, cases of shared parental leave, which privilege equality in the provision of care and the sharing of family responsibilities and duration of leave.

National, foreign and stateless researchers who meet the following requirements at the deadline for submission of applications may apply, with the commitment of the host institution:

  1. hold a doctoral degree;
  2. be a doctoral integrated member of an R&D unit, or have a contractual link with a State Laboratory;
  3. have taken parental leave, including adoption leave of 120 days or more, or have taken shared parental leave, including adoption leave of 72 days or more, within the last 12 months.

The deadlines referred to in point 3, and which appear in no. 2 of Notice of the Call have as reference the opening date of Call (February 15, 2023).

Deadline: 5pm Lisbon time on March 30, 2023.

More information HERE.