AA-DATA2030 Joint Pilot Action – All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance

AANChOR CSA would like to invite you to explore the latest advancements in the AA-DATA2030 Joint Pilot Action.
The All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance brings countries from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean together to promote cooperation in marine research and innovation within the All-Atlantic community.
As part of the All-Atlantic project AANChOR CSA, six long-term collaborative Joint Pilot Actions were developed. These were aligned with the ambitious goals of the Belém Statement, leveraging a multi-stakeholder platform.
The AA-DATA2030 Joint Pilot Action has made remarkable progress in addressing key challenges and achieving significant outcomes in the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space. It serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly hub for natural, social, and social-scientific data, focusing on thematic areas such as climate variability, ocean observation, ocean resources, ocean technology, emerging pollutants, and polar research.
You can refer to the attached document that highlights major achievements, noteworthy outcomes, and important information about activities, results, and plans. For more comprehensive insights into AA-DATA2030, visit the webpage and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the Joint Pilot Action and access its results.
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