Protocols & Patents


  • Agreement with CIEMar-Ilhavo – Center for Research and Entrepreneurship of the Sea
  • Agreement with CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research
  • Agreement with IH – Hydrographic Institute



  • Process for the conversion of waste, effluents, and organic byproducts into valuable materials (2018) Granted on 14-03-2018, No. 108093
  • Equipment and process for the extraction of biological and chemical contaminants by flow (2017) Granted on 19-12-2017, No. 105390
  • System and method for measuring the fluorescence response of chlorophyll to changes in light intensity or quality (2013) Granted on 09-07-2013, No. 107052
  • Disposable biosensor for the detection and quantification of alkylphenols Application for grant on 11-05-2016, No. 109382


  • Portable device, method for reading authentication tags, and their uses (2017) Published on 09-11-2017, No. PCT/IB2017/052570
  • Molecular tag containing DNA molecules and a process for marking and identifying the tag (2015) Published on 26-02-2015, No. PCT/PT2014/000056