Service Provisions

CESAM is qualified to provide R&D and innovation services and consultancy to both private companies and government institutions.

Some examples of services provided by CESAM are:

Courses, consulting, and the development of scientific and outreach content in various areas

Determination of physicochemical parameters

Environmental impact studies

  • Simulation of pollutant discharges in estuarine and coastal areas 

Ecological monitoring

  • Assessment of ecotoxicity in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine organisms
  • Assessment of human exposure to air pollution
  • Assessment of the methanogenic potential of organic waste
  • Assessment of urban sustainability
  • Air quality modeling and management
  • Environmental biotechnology studies (anaerobic digestion, biological reactors, composting)
  • Exploration, modeling, and management of WWTP
  • Identification and analysis of essential oils from different sources
  • Impacts of climate change and adaptation
  • Inventory of atmospheric emissions
  • Life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, water footprint, environmental footprint, and product environmental declarations
  • Physical modeling in wind tunnels
  • Quantification of the impacts of forest fires on air and human health
  • Sizing, optimization, and monitoring of physicochemical and biological wastewater treatment processes (WWTP)
  • Sizing, optimization, and monitoring of thermochemical biomass valorization processes (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion)
  • Technical feasibility studies for energy and material valorization of waste in a biorefinery context (production of energy vectors, oils, charcoals, and soil conditioners)
  • Treatability studies of industrial and municipal liquid effluents

Quantification of organic compounds using various techniques

Other analyses upon request

Studies on sediment dynamics

  • Studies on characterization, feasibility, and monitoring associated with coastal engineering works and/or other coastal management activities
  • Monitoring of morphological parameters on sandy beaches
  • Estuarine and coastal modeling studies
  • Assessment of estuarine and coastal flooding

If you believe that we can be of assistance, please, contact us.