EMBRC FAIR Training Course


Registration deadline: 8 December 2023 

The EMBRC course on fair data for the marine sciences will teach what it means to make data FAIR and how to give them a longer lifetime and a wider audience. It will show you how to make data findable to specialists and non-specialists, how make data Accessible, how to ensure that the data are interoperable and hence how they can be made reusable. The workshop will be held On-site from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 January 2024, and Online from Tuesday 23 to Wednesday 24 January 2024. The on-site workshop will be held at InnovOcean Campus, Oostende, Belgium. The target audience for this course are Marine biologists, MSc students, future data managers and lab technicians, anyone who has experience collecting and managing data.


Day 1 and 2

  • A practical understanding of how to make different types of data FAIR by making them Findable online
  • Different ways data can be made Accessible, using webservices and accessible tools
  • How to make data and metadata Interoperable (everyone can read and understand them)
  • An understanding of how provenance provides Reusability

Day 3

  • Bring your own data and make them FAIR and publishable with the help of experts of the VLIZ Data Centre
  • A special session to introduce you to the basics of Linked Open Data and the semantic web, and how those are used to make data FAIR

Days 1 and 2 will be a mix of lectures and practical exercises and these are open to online and onsite students. Day 3 will have a “data clinic” for the students to make the data they bring FAIR and to publish them, and this day is only open to onsite All materials will be provided online / open access for future trainers to be able to use “back home”. Please register using the online form .

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For more information, contact katrina.exter@vliz.be