Researchers’ European Night | BlueNIGHTs Torreira 2023 | September 29th and 30th


In the coming days, on September 29th and 30th, several members of CESAM will be present at the European Researchers’ Night as part of the BlueNIGHTs Torreira 2023 event, originating from the European project BlueNIGHTs.

This event, which aims to promote science and culture, with a special focus on the ocean, is developed by researchers Daniela Figueiredo, Ana Hilário, Ascensão Ravara, and Clara Rodrigues from CESAM/DBIO. Its program includes a variety of educational activities aimed at schools, interactive exhibitions, and informal gatherings called “Science Cafés,” which will take place in the vicinity of the Monte Branco Shipyard-Museum in Torreira, Murtosa.

The decentralization of this type of event encourages the local community to learn more about research related to the sea and coastal areas.

BlueNIGHTs Torreira 2023 is supported by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development initiative, emphasizing the importance of ocean research for a sustainable future.

Join in this enriching event and share a moment of interaction with our researchers while enjoying tea or coffee.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

The full program is available here.