Portugal 2030 Annual Call Plan

The Portugal 2030 Annual Call Plan has been published, allowing citizens and companies to find out from now on which calls will be launched in Portugal 2030, with clear advantages for planning the activities and investments of those wishing to apply for support from European funds. In this first plan, there are 412 calls for applications, mobilising 6.2 billion euros of European funds, distributed across various policy objectives and the various regions of the country, in the social, economic, environmental, maritime and territorial areas.

The Plan is structured in three four-month periods, between September 2023 and August 2024, with particular detail in the first four-month period (the one following its approval), with information to characterise the notices to be published, such as objectives, strategic, programmatic and regulatory framework, beneficiaries, eligible actions, associated amounts and territory covered.

It should be noted that Norte 2030, Madeira 2030, Centro 2030 and Pessoas 2030 are programmes that stand out with the highest number of calls scheduled for the next 12 months (50, 48, 42 and 40, respectively). The People 2030 and Sustainable 2030 programmes have the largest volume of European funds in the competition, with €1.7 billion and €1.2 billion respectively. COMPETE 2030 has 157M€ of funds in the competition, plus the amounts associated with the multi-programme notices, shared with the regional programmes on the continent, and which include the Incentive Systems and the Science Support Systems. Within the scope of support for companies, there are also 415M€ of funds available in calls for tenders already launched in these programmes, as well as the support planned for Contractual Investment Scheme projects.