Portugal-Germany Bilateral Cooperation 2023: joint call for proposals


The call aims to support international mobility projects under the FCT/DAAD Programme (Germany) in various scientific areas. Projects will have a maximum duration of 24 months and will be renewable annually. The annual FCT funding per project is 2,000 euros.

The eligibility conditions for projects are:
a. Each application submitted must identify a person responsible for the project, called the Principal Investigator (hereinafter referred to as PI), who is co-responsible with the Proposing Institution (hereinafter referred to as PrI) for the application, project management, fulfilment of the proposed objectives and the rules underlying the granting of funding;
b. The identified PI must not be in a situation of unjustified non-compliance with the regulatory requirements, in particular with regard to the submission of reports on the scientific execution of international mobility projects that have already been completed;
c. The PI must ensure that, at the time of submitting the application, he/she has an employment relationship or a post-doctoral fellowship with PrI, whether this employment relationship or fellowship contract was established within the scope of the candidate project under these Regulations, or within the scope of any other project funded by FCT or, in the absence of these, a written agreement between the parties;
d. Applications must be drawn up jointly by the IRs of the two countries and submitted to the implementing organisations of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreements and Arrangements referred to in the Regulations;
e. The inclusion of at least one young researcher in the team. A young researcher is considered to be someone aged 40 or under on the closing date of the call.

Each application will be assessed by one of the assessors listed in the previous paragraph, who will be responsible for applying the following assessment criteria:
A. Scientific merit and quality of the proposal
B. Quality of the proposal’s research teams
C. Relevance of the participation of young researchers from Portugal
D. Suitability of the mobility missions to the proposed programme

The application to be submitted to FCT must be submitted on the application submission portal by 17:00 on 15th September 2023, Lisbon time.

More information HERE.