CESAM members featured in the Research.com Ranking

A total of 28 members from the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) are included in the 3rd edition of the Research.com ranking across various research fields. Research.com publishes rankings of scientists in different areas based on the D-index (Discipline H-index), which considers the number of articles and citations in each area, using bibliometric data from sources such as OpenAlex and CrossRef. For this ranking, the careers of 166,880 researchers worldwide were analysed in detail, highlighting CESAM faculty and researchers:

Amadeu Soares, Fernando Gonçalves, Adelaide Almeida, and Newton Gomes, from CESAM/DBIO, in the field of Biology and Biochemistry.

Glória Pinto and Artur Alves, both from CESAM/DBIO, in the field of Plant Science and Agronomy.

Casimiro Pio, Célia Alves, Carlos Borrego, Ana Miranda, Teresa Nunes, and Luís Tarelho from CESAM/DAO; Armando Duarte e Teresa Rocha-Santos from CESAM/DQUI; Mário Pacheco, Ricardo Calado, Rosa Freitas, Etelvina Figueira, António Nogueira, Susana Loureiro, and Isabel Lopes from CESAM/DBIO, in the field of Environmental Science.

João Miguel Dias (CESAM/DFIS) and Victor Quintino (CESAM/DBIO) in the field of Earth Sciences.

Ana Lillebø, Daniel Cleary, João Serôdio, Ulisses Azeiteiro, and Heliana Teixeira, from CESAM/DBIO, in the field of Ecology and Evolution.

Armando Duarte (CESAM/DQUI), in the field of Chemistry.

(Text by: CESAM’s Communication, Promotion, and Dissemination Service)