CESAM Researcher Highlighted by UA in ‘Science through the Hands of the X Chromosome’

To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024, the University of Aveiro highlighted on its website the trajectories and achievements of 20 female researchers. Among these remarkable women is the researcher Ana Cristina Esteves.

In an interview with UA, the researcher shared the focus of her research, “I am currently studying the potential of marine fungi as producers of molecules that can be applied in our daily lives. I have focused on identifying marine-origin fungi capable of producing molecules that inhibit bacteria (antibiotics) or other fungi (antimycotics and fungicides), as well as fungi that produce enzymes that can be applied in the industry. To find these molecules, I use techniques such as proteomics (identifying all the proteins of an organism), metabolomics (identifying all the small molecules of an organism), lipidomics (identifying all the lipids of an organism), and also genomics (where the genome of these organisms is sequenced and analyzed).”

Read the full content here: Universidade de Aveiro (ua.pt)