CESAM Researcher Leads Approved COST Action

On May 12th, the new 70 approved COST Actions in the latest call (2022) were announced. Cristina Pita (CESAM/DBIO) is the proposer of one of these actions, the COST Action “Rethinking the Blue Economy: Socio-Ecological Impacts and Opportunities”, which aims to rethink the blue economy in two distinct ways:

Firstly, by assessing the impact of the blue economy on coastal societies;

Secondly, by exploring opportunities arising from innovations and potential synergies between established and emerging marine activities. Scientific interactions focus on five themes: 1) maritime professions; 2) food security and sustainable blue consumption; 3) port cities and coastal communities; 4) fisheries governance and emerging activities; and 5) climate change and natural hazards.

On June 9th, the new COST actions, including all memoranda of understanding, will be available on the COST website, and the first Management Committee meetings will start between September and November 2023.

Text by: CESAM with collaboration from Cristina Pita