CESAM researchers participated in the kick off meeting of the PRR project ‘Vertical Algas’

Researchers Rosário Domingues (CESAM/DQUA) and Ricardo Calado (CESAM/DBIO) participated in the kick-off meeting of the Vertical Algae project, which is part of the Mobilizing Agenda of the Blue Bioeconomy Pact, held on March 27th at the University of Algarve. Also involved in this project are researchers from UA, Claúdia Nunes and Sónia Ventura (CICECO) and Manuel Antonio Coimbra, Pedro Domingues, and Rita Ferreira from LAQV-REQUIMTE.

The Vertical Algae project, led by the company NECTON, has 38 national entities, including academic institutions, collaborative laboratories, and companies. It is the largest initiative of the Blue Bioeconomy Pact agenda, funded by the European Union’s “Next Generation EU” through the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), with a budget of 44 million euros.

This project aims to leverage and empower the algae sector in Portugal, promoting the development of new sustainable products, processes, and services to compete in global markets and contribute to the national and European Blue Bioeconomy.