Cristina Pita, CESAM/DAO researcher, participates in the Regional Workshop of IYAFA, which aims to Strengthen Small-Scale Fisheries in Europe

From November 13 to 16, the ‘YAFA Regional workshop: Getting the story straight and envisioning a fair future for small-scale fisheries in Europe’ is taking place in Vilanova de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. This event addresses crucial issues related to small-scale fisheries (SSF) and brings together 45 participants from national and regional SSF organizations, women’s fishing networks, NGOs, and academic institutions from eighteen European countries.

Our researcher, Cristina Pita, participated yesterday, November 15, in the panel “Towards a Participatory guarantee system for SSF in Europe.” The main topics of the workshop include creating a positive narrative for SSF in Europe, strengthening governance and related processes, enhancing the capacity of SSF and support organizations, and exploring the essential role of women in the region’s fisheries.

The event seeks to highlight the ongoing importance of attention to SSF, recognizing its vital role as food producers, as well as building alliances and developing strategies to boost the small-scale fishing sector.

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Text by: CESAM in collaboration with Cristina Pita