EpiLipidNET celebrates the fourth year of transformative research and public engagement

EpiLipidNET is an international consortium led by Rosário Domingues, a CESAM researcher, and comprised of 450 lipid scientists, clinicians, scientific societies, and enterprises from 47 different countries. This COST Action CA19105 is now entering its fourth year and has achieved remarkable results in lipid research, education, and public awareness. Its efforts have not only left a lasting impact but have also resulted in significant scientific advancements and the dissemination of knowledge beyond academic circles.
Throughout its journey, EpiLipidNET has achieved numerous scientific discoveries, which are evident through over 50 scientific publications. These publications have provided valuable insights into the intricate world of lipids. By collaborating in an open science environment, this community has developed innovative technologies that have gone beyond the state-of-the-art in the analysis of lipids and their modified forms.
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