Helena Vieira (CESAM/DAO) highlights the importance of the Blue Economy in the Welectric Talk sponsored by Crédito Agrícola

On July 28th, researcher Helena Vieira participated in the Welectric Talks, a videocast sponsored by Crédito Agrícola, to discuss the relevance of the Blue Economy in Portugal. The researcher addressed topics such as the challenges faced by companies in the sector due to outdated legislation, the new opportunities within this area, and also discussed pathways and possibilities for funding innovative projects.

Regarding her participation, Helena Vieira said, “It was an honor to have the opportunity to participate in this esteemed videocast series by WELECTRIC and CAIXA AGRÍCOLA. The choice of the theme also represents a significant recognition of the value of the Sea in Portugal and the potential of a sustainable blue economy for our country. The fact that this series is supported by the national banking sector also reveals how various entities are truly positioning themselves in this new vision of a more balanced and sustainable future, and that is positive for the planet and all of us!”

The Welectric Talks are a series of videocasts featuring experts in the areas of energy, retail, recycling, ecology, and mobility who discuss current and relevant issues with the goal of informing as many people as possible about pathways that promote the necessary transition to a more sustainable way of life.

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