Helena Vieira talks about Technology at Sea on Sociedade Civil RTP2

Today, September 26th, researcher Helena Vieira (CESAM/DAO) was present on the RTP2 program “Sociedade Civil” to discuss the topic of technology in the sea. During her participation, she addressed various subjects related to the science and economy of the sea, emphasizing their different contributions to knowledge and sustainable exploration of the sea. The researcher emphasized the role of technological innovation and the need to invest in emerging areas of the blue bioeconomy, such as integrated aquaculture and marine biotechnology. She also highlighted the significant role of new scientific infrastructure suitable for the development of emerging sectors of the maritime economy in Portugal, such as the Blue Hubs, including the one in Aveiro, as well as the fundamental role of collaboration between academia, industry, and policymakers.

Helena Vieira stated, “The opportunity to disseminate knowledge about the sea and the best practices in Portugal in the sciences of this area on a nationally impactful TV program is of extreme importance. In a country with a maritime culture and history, promoting debate and information on sea-related topics allows citizens to be better informed and gain a deep understanding of the immense opportunities, as well as the challenges, of our sea.”

Watch the full program here.