José Pedro Granadeiro (FCUL/CESAM) on “90 Seconds of Science” on Antena 1

On Tuesday, June 20th, José Pedro Granadeiro (FCUL/CESAM) participated in the program “90 Seconds of Science” on Antena 1 to discuss his research on ecology of oceanic seabirds.

José Pedro Granadeiro explains that these birds undertake long journeys in marine areas far from the coast, and through his research, it’s possible to gather more information about deep-sea ecology.

To collect data for his investigations, José Pedro Granadeiro’s team attaches small GPS devices to the feathers of the birds, which enables them to monitor and map not only the distances they travel but also the locations where they congregate. In these areas, they can find not only oceanic birds but also other species like tunas, sharks, and marine mammals. This way, the team can identify important areas for marine biodiversity conservation.

You can listen to José Pedro Granadeiro’s participation in “90 Seconds of Science” here.