Documentary: Life Lines. Architecture for Wildlife


For five years, an innovative project named LIFE LINES, funded by the European Union’s Life program, implemented a set of nature-based solutions to reduce the impact of threats on biological diversity. Over the course of the project, refuges for plants and animals were created, and structural changes were implemented in roads and power lines to mitigate their impact on biodiversity. The chosen location for this wildlife assistance project was Central Alentejo, where species richness and the conservation status of habitats remain high.

Produced by: Play Solutions Audiovisuais

Author: Joaquim Pedro Ferreira (CESAM & UA)

Direction: Pedro Miguel Ferreira (Play Solutions Audiovisuais) and Joaquim Pedro Ferreira (CESAM & UA)

Editing: Pedro Miguel Ferreira (Play Solutions Audiovisuais)

Sound Design: Billyboom Sound Design

Scientific Coordination: University of Évora, CESAM & UA

Duration: 45 min. Aired: 2022 on SIC, SIC Internacional.

Audiovisual content only available in Portuguese.