BESIDE – Institutional, BEhavioural, critical and adaptive economics towards SustaInable Development, management of natural capital and circular Economy


Ana Isabel Lillebø


Horizon 2020, CSA (Topic: WIDESPREAD-06-2020 - ERA Chairs)


01/01/2021 - 31/12/2026

Funding for CESAM

2498621,25 €

Total Funding

2498621,25 €

Funding Entity

European Commission (Grant agreement ID: 951389)

Proponent Institution

Universidade de Aveiro


BESIDE aims to reinforce and consolidate at the University of Aveiro (UAVR) Associated Laboratory CESAM research expertise in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources (EENR). This will boost the existing fundamental and applied research activities by filling the identified gaps on: i) financial impact of environmental policies, ii) high-skilled jobs opportunities iii) circular economy business models. The ERA Chair will be hired for the position of Coordinator Researcher (full Prof equiv) and fund 5 researchers and 3 PhD students. CESAM has already 2 research positions in EENR and will support new advance training at MSc and PhD levels. BESIDE will be framed in 4 pillars i) institutional economics (how do institutions shape and constrain sustainable resources management); ii) behavioural economics (what is needed to provoke sustainable resources management); iii) critical economics (drawbacks and limits to as well as going beyond the ecosystem services approach); and iv) adaptive economics (model competitive advantages for existing and new businesses, and jobs). BESIDE is fully aligned with UAVR and CESAM goals and therefore in line with UN sustainable development goals for 2030, EU priorities that include the commitment for an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth based on knowledge and innovation and the shared pursuit of excellence, and with the national and Centro-Portugal region research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3). The contribution of an external Scientific Steering Committee gathering EENR top experts, will be essential to its scientific success, while CESAM’s Stakeholders Consultation Committee, with some of the main Institutions and Business representatives at the National and Regional levels, will ensure that it is relevant to promote a more efficient use of environmental resources and a more competitive, resilient and sustainable economy; designed to endorse job creation and assure territorial and social cohesion.

All details about the project are available at:

Era Chair Team: Ana Lillebø, Helena Vieira, Sofia Corticeiro, Mariana Almeida, Zeeshan Arshad and Altaf Akbar

CESAM members in the project

Maria Adelaide de Pinho Almeida

Professora Catedrática

Zeeshan Arshad

Investigador Doutorado

Artur Jorge da Costa Peixoto Alves

Professor Associado com Agregação

Cristina Brice Pita

Investigadora Auxiliar

Gonçalo Rodrigues Brás

Investigador Auxiliar

Helena Margarida Moreira de Oliveira Vieira

Investigadora Coordenadora e ERA CHAIR Holder

José Pedro Oliveira Neves Granadeiro

Professor Associado com Agregação

Ana Isabel Lillebo Batista

Investigadora Principal com Agregação

Mariana Dias Almeida

Investigadora Doutorada

Peter Cornelis Roebeling

Investigador Auxiliar

Ricardo Jorge Guerra Calado

Investigador Coordenador

Muhammad Noman Shafique

Investigador Doutorado

Sofia Caçoilo Corticeiro

Investigadora Doutorada