LIFE WolFlux – Decreasing socio-ecological barriers to connectivity for wolves south of the Douro river


Pedro Filipe Amaral Prata

CESAM Responsible researcher

Carlos M. M. S. Fonseca


LIFE Nature and Biodiversity


01/01/2019 - 30/11/2023

Participating Institutions

  • internacional


The wolf Portuguese sub-population located at south of the Douro river is fragmented and isolated due to geographic, ecological and human barriers. Here, there are nine wolf packs, which represents, approximately, 14% of wolf Portuguese population. It is pivotal to minimise the barriers to wolf presence and foster packs connectivity to guarantee the long-term viability of this sub-population. Conflicts with livestock husbandry, negative attitudes, poaching, lack of wild prey and habitat loss are considered the main threats to wolf conservation. The overall aim of this project is to promote the ecological and socio-economic conditions needed to support a viable wolf sub-population in the study area. Specifically, we aim to (i) reduce conflicts with livestock husbandry, (ii) reduce poaching and human-caused fires, (iii) increase the knowledge about roe deer and increase the availability of wild prey for wolf, (iv) develop a strategy to promote wolf related added value products, and (v) increase tolerance and positive attitudes towards wolves.

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