Monitoring of Emerging Compounds


Teresa Rocha Santos


Cooperação Transnacional Portugal -Tunisia


01/01/2019 - 31/12/2021

Funding for CESAM

3000 €

Total Funding

10000 €

Participating Institutions

  • University of Sfax

Water is important for several Mediterranean and European countries since they suffer from lack of sufficient fresh water sources, especially during the dry summer season. The emerging compounds such as endocrine disruptor compounds can constitute a source of contamination of water. A wide variety of chemical analysis methods are available to monitoring these compounds, however, these methods are operated in the laboratory, time consuming, require expensive analysis and trained personal. Therefore, there is a need to develop techniques for field application, easy to operate, capable to provide fast results, in situ application and off low cost. In this project, a transnational collaboration by using mutual complementarities and training of young researchers is proposed for the
development of such techniques for insitu monitoring. The proposed techniques can contribute to adequate management of wastewaters and waters.