• Biogeochemical processes
  • Contaminants & Pollutants
  • Natural Organic Matter
  • Mechanistic Biochemistry
  • Soil Health

The BPP RG develops research on terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric biogeochemical processes with emphasis in obtaining experimental data for the purpose of supporting decisions on health and environmental protection, food production and safety, and sustainable development. Specifically, BPP RG research tackles problems related to the mechanistic understanding of biogeochemical processes, that alter the fate of contaminants and pollutants in water, soil, air, and in changing ecosystems. To do so, interdisciplinary approaches and multi-scale strategies are followed. The applications of BPP RG research includes environmental monitoring, organic and inorganic (nano)contaminants tracking, soil and plant health assessment, environmental fate, behavior and biodegradation of microplastics, as well as strategies for soil protection and for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
BPP RG covers the following main areas of research: (i) Biogeochemical processes in the critical zone and (ii) Ecosystem pollution and restoration strategies applied to territories in changing environments.