Resources Circularity Assessment & Technology (RCAT)

  • Biomass & waste valorisation
  • Products life-cycle
  • Sustainable use and management of natural resources

RCAT will promote innovative and integrated solutions and technologies for the sustainable use and management of natural resources (e.g. forest, water) and product development (e.g. pulp and paper, ceramics, energy), as well as for material and energetic valorisation of wastes and sub-products from agriculture, forestry, industry and wastewater treatment systems, considering cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable processes (e.g. thermochemical conversion processes, advanced chemical processes and environmental biotechnology processes). In this way, RCAT will contribute to a more competitive, resilient and sustainable economy, promoting added-value generation (e.g. more efficient and sustainable products, renewable energy, biorefinery-based materials and carbon/nutrients recycling) towards circular economy. The resources circularity approach within the RCAT research will provide industrial synergies with strong environmental benefits. Furthermore, the application of tools such as Life Cycle Assessment, Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis of solutions, to assess the environmental and efficiency performance of the innovative integrated solutions and technologies mentioned above, will support the decision makers regarding the best solutions and technologies.