Scientific article with CESAM authors is the cover of Nature Cancer

The latest issue of Nature Cancer highlights research involving CESAM/DBio researchers Seila Díaz, along with Ricardo Calado and Fernando Ricardo. The investigation revealed the ability of the cockle, a common species in the waters off the Portuguese coast, to contract transmissible cancers through living cancer cells present in seawater. The results not only advance the understanding of this intriguing phenomenon but also provide a reference genome sequence for cockles, contributing to further studies on the evolution of these contagious cancers.

The choice of Nature Cancer to feature this research on the cover underscores the global significance of these findings and recognizes the importance of the work conducted.

This cover will soon be added to the “CESAM Covers” exhibition, displayed on the staircases leading to floors 3 (laboratories) and 5 (administrative services and meeting room) of building 3.

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