The TV series “Guerreiras pela Natureza” is branded by CESAM

The TV series “Warriors for Nature” premieres on September 18th at 10:45 PM on RTP1. This series, produced by PlaySolutions Audiovisuais, has CESAM as a partner entity.

Joaquim Pedro Ferreira, a researcher and science communicator at CESAM, shares authorship with Paulo Caetano and co-directs with Pedro Miguel Ferreira.

Gender equality is one of the priorities of the United Nations. In many professions in the Western world, men and women work side by side. Science is one such example where women are currently at the forefront. However, there are many other cases of successful women who represent female empowerment.

In Portugal, a group of women dedicates their careers to Nature Conservation. Their work makes a difference, contributing significantly to ensuring the future of threatened species and protected habitats. These are remarkable stories of perseverance, altruism, and scientific rigor told in the first person.

Throughout six episodes, the “Warriors for Nature” series will showcase the achievements, challenges, and hopes of these women. And how, through their work, they shape the future of nature conservation in Portugal.

Watch the promotional video for the series here.