7º Workshop em Espectrometria de Massa e Carbohidratos

[Conteúdo apenas disponível em inglês]

University of Aveiro, 07 Mar 2018

Concluding Remarks

  • Mass spectrometry (MS)-based analytical strategies are indispensable for the structural characterization of carbohydrates and derivatives.
  • Mass spectrometry-based analysis allowed: (i) The identification of structural features of synthesized and functionalized anthocyanin- based compounds; (ii) To monitor the reaction products between reduced glucosamine and genipin and characterize the reaction products; (iii) The identification of glucosinolates from broccoli extracts obtained by microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity; (iv) The disclosure of sulfation and branching pattern of sugars in the main backbone of fucoidans from Fucus vesiculosus; (v) Bioprospection of glycolipids present in Ulva rigida with potential bioactivity.