New edition of the Advanced Course in Experimental Design and Analysis of Multivariate Data

Between January 16 and 20 of 2023, a new edition of the Advanced Course in Experimental Planning and Multivariable Data Analysis will take place, aimed mainly at students enrolled in doctoral programs at the University of Aveiro. The course is coordinated by Victor Quintino (CESAM/DBIO).

The course is delivered on-line, using Zoom sessions. The course follows a problem-solving approach, exploiting teaching and learning case studies. The teaching case studies present the baseline theoretical concepts and the software (PRIMER v7 with the add-on PERMANOVA+).

The learning case studies use real datasets and allow participants to apply the theoretical
concepts and acquire autonomy in the choice and workflow of the methods. PhD students that already have their own data sets should find enough time to exploit their data and discuss the methods.

For more information on the course syllabus and enrollment, access this link