ICARUS project wins the first edition of the Ciência com Arte – CICA award

The ICARUS project won the first edition of the ‘Science with Art – CICA’ award promoted by CESAM.
The prize aims to finance the creation of art pieces that express the intervention areas of our centre.

Amadeu Soares, the coordinator of CESAM, says this prize “distinguishes an original way of raising public awareness of climate change and the biodiversity that is hidden from our eyes, simultaneously the most important, given the function it performs, and the most fragile

Johannes Goessling, a researcher at CESAM and the Department of Biology, led the team that included researchers João Serôdio, Silja Frankenbach, Alexandra Bastos and Vera Cardoso, all from CESAM and the Department of Biology, as well as the artist Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, artist and researcher at the University of Porto. This team has developed ice sculptures on a metric scale, which mimic the microscopic shells of microscopic algae – diatoms – to make them visible to the naked eye.

For more information, consult here
For more information on the ICARUS project, consult here