Um livro on-line sobre toxicologia ambiental foi publicado com a colaboração de uma professora do CESAM

This open online textbook on Environmental Toxicology aims at covering the field in its full width, including aspects of environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, toxicology and risk assessment. With that, it will contribute to improving the quality, continuity and transparency of the education in environmental toxicology. This book also want to make sure that fundamental insights on fate and effects of chemicals gained in the past are combined with recent approaches of effect assessment and molecular analysis of mechanisms causing toxicity. The book contains tools for self-study and training, like a (limited) number of questions at the end of each module. To guarantee quality of the book, each module was reviewed by at least one of the members of the project team but also by an international reviewer from outside the project team. An advisory board and a steering committee were involved in supervising the project, as well as educational advisors, while the project team served as an editorial board. Susana Loureiro, CESAM Professor, is one the reviewers of this book.