Vai ter um contrato de investigador(a)?

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If yes, please pay attention!
When you start your contract of researcher you are no longer an integrated member of CESAM!
“Oh no! What should I do?”
When you confirm the starting date of your contract with the UA human resources department you should send an email to, directed to the Scientific Coordinator of CESAM, requesting that you want to be an integrated member of CESAM and indicating the starting date of the contract.
“And it is done?”
No! If you have your CV updated in CESAM webpage, please indicate that in the e-mail. If not, briefly state how your research contributes to the strategy of CESAM and send a summarized CV.
“But why?”
Because, according to the regulation of CESAM, if you are not a post-doc fellow you need to have a minimum scientific production to be an integrated member (Annex I of the regulation). Please note that all the researchers in CESAM go through this process!
“And then?”
Your request will be analysed and voted in one of the meetings of the Scientific Council Coordinating Commission of CESAM and you will be notified on the decision.