Caring about the future

  • International

    World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation (WSCCA- 2017). Coimbra, Portugal, 6-8 Sep 2017 Marine Protected Areas and Management Plans for cetaceans and seabirds, LIFE MarPro. Ílhavo, Portugal, 4- 5 Dec 2017 27th Meeting SETAC-Europe (session: Advances on the assessment of environmental pollutants to amphibians and reptiles). Brussels, Belgium, 5-11 Jul 2017 British Ornithologists’ Union Annual Meeting. University of Warwick, UK, 28-30 Mar 2017 European Amphibian Club 2017 Congress (session: Ecotoxicology and worldwide decline of amphibians). Rennes, France, 29-30 Jun 2017 European Amphibian Club 2017 Congress (session: Evolution). Rennes, France, 29-30 Jun 2017 ENRAM’s Symposium “Radar aeroecology: methods, applications and new discoveries". Rome, Italy, 23-28 Feb 2017 Final conference of the COST Action ES1205: Engineered nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwatEr to Rivers. University of Aveiro, 7-8 Feb 2017 ICES Annual Science Conference 2017 (Panel Session: Integrating economic and social sciences in marine ecosystem services research. Fort Lauderdade, USA, 18-21 Sep 2017 23nd Annual Conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) (session: Inclusive sustainability for development: How to engange academy, government, communities and business”). Bogotá, Colombia, 14-16 Jun 2017 MARE Conference 2017 (session: Gender/women relations within coastal and fisheries communities: from past to present). Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4-7 Jul 2017 MARE Conference 2017 (session: Markets and market opportunities for small-scale fishery products). Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4-7 Jul 2017 MEC2017, 4th Conference on Costal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. Porto, Portugal, 18-19 May 2017

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  • National

    3rd Analytical Chemistry Symposium - Alternative technologies for pharmaceuticals removal from water. University of Aveiro, Portugal, 24 May 2017 6th Workshop on Lipidomics. University of Aveiro, Portugal, 5 Apr 2017 Conservation day, dedicated to the 31th anniversary of the Society for Conservation Biology. Aveiro, Portugal, 9 May 2017 Jornada Teórico-Prática sobre Óleos Essenciais e Voláteis. Lisbon, Portugal, 13 Mar 2017 Workshop "O aroma das plantas. O que é e para que serve?" no IV Encontro Internacional da Casa das Ciências. Lisbon, Portugal, 10 Jul 2017 Jornada de Sabores e Saberes da Natureza, on the scope of Fascination of Plants Day. Lisbon, Portugal, 18 May 2017 IV Workshop in Forensic Entomology. Lisbon, Portugal, 4-5 Feb 2017 CESAM's Workshop: "Contribuições do CESAM para a valorização inteligente do mar". Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 27 Jan 2017

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  • Advanced Courses

    Ecotoxicology of amphibians and reptiles: from theory to practice. University of Aveiro, Portugal Advanced Course in Ecotoxicology. Instituto de Educação e Cidadania (IEC), Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal Resilient cities to climate change. University of Aveiro, Portugal Introduction to R. University of Aveiro, Portugal Biomass and Bioenergy – Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass. Universidade do Vale do Rio Sinos (UNISINOS), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [in PT] Curso intensivo de formação/capacitação em ordenamento do espaço marítimo e costeiro: métodos e técnicas - 2ª edição. University of Aveiro, Portugal Advanced Course in Glycomics. University of Aveiro, Portugal Advanced Course in Lipidomics. University of Aveiro, Portugal Batimetria dos fundos oceânicos. University of Aveiro, Portugal From the basics to LC-MS data acquisition and interpretation. University of Aveiro, Portugal Modelling and Observation Systems (PhD Do*Mar). University of Aveiro, Portugal Seminar on Scientific Writing. University of Aveiro, Portugal Ecosystem services provided by wetlands: Anthropogenic impacts and environmental chemistry. University of Aveiro, Portugal Summer School on advanced MS techniques for analysis of ox biomolecules and oxPTMs in inflammatory disease. University of Aveiro, Portugal

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