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Francisco Duarte, Joana Meneses, Maria do Rosário DOmingues, Elisabete da Costa (XI Biochemistry Day, University of Aveiro 15th May). Understanding the benefits of sea lettuce Ulva sp as a source of bioactive lipids. See more
Ribeiro D., Hilário A. (in press). The CARCACE project deepwater platforms - modular designs for in situ experiments. In: Guedes Soares C et al. (Eds) Maritime Technology and Engineering. Taylor & Francis. See more
Lopes D., Borrego C., Miranda A.I. (2021). The impact of wildland fires on air quality and human health. See more
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Girona-García, A., Vieira, D.C.S. (2021). Mitigating soil erosion after wildfires. See more
Lúcia Marciel, Beatriz Moreira, Mariana Q. Mesquita, M. Graça P. M. S. Neves, M. Amparo F. Faustino, Adelaide Almeida (2020). An efficient photosensitizing formulation based on cationic porphyrins to photoinactivate Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. See more
A.C. Bastos, J.J. Keizer, F.G.A. Verheijen (2020). A contribuição do biocarvão na gestão agrícola e florestal: oportunidades e desafios. Vida Rural - Dossier Técnico. Edição de Outubro. See more
van Rees C.h.a.r.l.e.s. .B., Waylen K.e.r.r.y. .A., Schmidt-Kloiber A.s.t.r.i.d., Thackeray S.t.e.p.h.e.n. .J., Kalinkat G.r.e.g.o.r., Martens K.o.e.n., Domisch S.a.m.i., Lillebo A.n.a., Hermoso V.i.r.g.i.l.i.o., Grossart H.a.n.s.-.P.e.t.e.r., Schinegger R.a.f.a.e.l.a., Decleer K.r.i.s., Adriaens T.i.m., Denys L.u.c., Jaric I.v.a.n., Janse J.a.n. .H., Monaghan M.i.c.h.a.e.l. .T., De Wever A.a.i.k.e., Geijzendorffer I.l.s.e., Adamescu M.i.h.a.i. .C., Jaehnig S.o.n.j.a. .C. (2020). Preprint: Safeguarding freshwater life beyond 2020: Recommendations for the new global biodiversity framework from the European experience. Preprints, See more
Maria Caeiro (2020). HEV infectivity in water samples. See more
Daniel Salvador, Maria Caeiro, (2020). RT-qPCR HEV RNA Detection and Quantification in Water Samples. . See more
(2020). earlyMYCO project flyer. See more
Lopes I, LillebØ A. (2019). Report on the Ecotoxicity of Flotation Systems for Solar Panels in Freshwater Organisms. See more
Borrego, C., Costa, A.M., Ginja, J., Amorim, M., Coutinho, M., Karatzas, K., Sioumis, T., Katsifarakis, N., Konstantinidis, K., De Vito, S., Esposito, E., Smith, P., André, N., Gérard, P., Francis, L., Castell, N., Schneider, P., Viana, M., Cruz Minguillón, M., Reimringer, W., Otjes, R.P., Von Sicard, O., Elen, B., Suriano, D., Pfister, V., Prato, M., Dipinto, S., Penza, M. (2019). Aveiro Joint Exercise Dataset. Mendeley Data, See more
Lopes I, LillebØ A. (2019). Report on the assessment of the environmental effects caused by the materials used in a floating photovoltaic system. See more
Marciel L, Teles T, Moreira B, Pacheco M, Lourenço L, Neves G, Tomé J, Faustino A, Almeida A. (2019). Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in blood disinfection using tetrapyrrolic photossensitizers. See more
Bandeira V. e Fonseca C. (2019). Sacarrabos… um carnívoro diurno “com dois pesos e duas medidas”. Revista Caça e Cães de Caça 258: 32-33. See more
xx (2019). xx. European Journal Of Phycology , See more
Alves E, Melo T, Rey F, Domingues P, Domingues MRM (2019). Olives, olive oils and their by-products: using a lipidomic platform for providing a molecular fingerprint of value-added foodstuff and valorisation of their industrial waste. See more
Matos, FL (2018). Submarine Canyon Scientific Landscape. See more
Maria, V.L. (2018). Soil invertebrates ecotoxicology - How are the distress “signals” for the risk assessment? Stress Biology Seminars. Department of Biology, UA, 28th November 2018. See more
Maria, V. L. (2018). Vamos Brincar à Ciência? (atividade dirigida a crianças do ensino pré-escolar). Centro Escolar da Coutada, Ílhavo. 10 de Junho 2018 . See more
Galante-Oliveira S (2018). Opinion article "Desenvolvimento sustentável da maricultura de moluscos: desafios e oportunidades num cenário de alteração climática", Diário de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal. See more
Zas R., Sierra P., Moraña A., Prats S.A. (2018). Voluntariado e boas técnicas tras os lumes en Ponte Caldelas. Historia dun gran éxito. In: Casa da Cultura de Ponte Caldelas. . See more
Fernandes ML., Quintela A and Alves FL. (2018). Identifying Conservation Priority Areas to inform Maritime Spatial Planning: How to do it?. Front. Mar. Sci. Conference Abstract: IMMR'18 | International Meeting on Marine Research 2018. doi: 10.3389/conf.FMARS.2018.06.00111. See more
José Fortes Lopes (2018). Towards A Better Integration of the Sediment Biogeochemistry in the Modelling of the Coastal Systems. See more
Tapisso J, Cerveira AM, von Merten S, Carrilho M, Mathias ML (2018). Avaliação do estado da população de Musaranho-de-dentes-vermelhos mas áreas sob gestão da Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, S.A. See more
Cunha, A.(Guest Editor) (2018). Biosurfactants: Trends and Applications. Special Issue of Colloids and Interfaces. See more
Phillips, Geoff, Martyn Kelly, Heliana Teixeira, Fuensanta Salas, Gary Free, Wera Leujak, Anne Lyche Solheim, Gábor Várbíró, Sandra Poikane (2018). Best practice for establishing nutrient concentrations to support good ecological status. See more
testeing 123 (2018). this is a atitle. See more
Ortiz-Santaliestra M, Maia JP, Egea-Serrano A, Brühl CA, Lopes I. (2017). Biological relevance of the magnitude of effects (considering mortality, sub-lethal and reproductive effects) observed in studies with amphibians and reptiles in view of population level impacts on amphibians and reptiles. See more
Fonseca, C., Figueiredo, A., Valente, A.M., Carvalho, J. & Torres, R.T. (2017). VIII Reunião sobre Ungulados Silvestres Ibéricos: Ungulados como motores de mudança nos ecossistemas. See more
Veríssimo M.I.S., Silva N.A.F, Karmali A., Gomes M.T.S.R. (2017). A flow injection methodology for acetamide determination using a tubular bioreactor and an ammonium sensor. -785. See more
Rafael S., Borrego C., Lopes M. (2017). Influence of urban resilience measures on energy fluxes. See more
IM Bulai, AC Esteves, Ezio Venturino (2017). A mathematical model for a diseased orange tree. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering . See more
Costa S., Lopes I., Proença D.N., Ribeiro R., Morais P.V. (2017). Can environmental factors influence amphibian’s skin bacterial shield? . See more
Carneiro, C & Alves, J A (2017). Ireland a stepping stone for Whimbrel. See more
Lima D.L.D., Oliveira C., Silva C.P., Otero M., Esteves V.I. (2017). Sulfamethoxazole in the aquatic environment: will it be persistente or will it degrade naturally under simulated solar radiation?. See more
Azevedo E., Barata M., Marques I.M., & Caeiro M.F (2017). Lulworthia atlantica: a new species supported by molecular phylogeny and morphological analysis: TreeBase study 18104 . See more
Lima D.L.D., Oliveira C., Silva C.P., Otero M., Esteves V.I. (2017). Sulfamethoxazole in the aquatic environment: will it be persistent or will it degrade naturally under simulated solar radiation?. See more
Calisto V., Silva C.P., Jaria G., Ferreira C.I.A., Otero M., Esteves V.I. (2017). Why waste wastes? – Using industrial residues to treat wastewaters. See more
Sara Costa and Isabel Lopes (2017). Ecotoxicological Studies as a Tool on Amphibians’ Disease Risk Assessment. See more
Serrano, E., Carvalho, J., Mentaberre, G., Ferreira, E., Fonseca, C., Lavín, S. (2017). La Muntanya de Montserrat: Un laboratori natural per a la cabra salvatge. Cinegeticat. See more
Silva C.P., Jaria G., Ferreira C.I.A., Otero M., Esteves V.I., Calisto V. (2017). Converting wastes into resources: the repeatability of carbon adsorbents production from paper mill sludge. See more
Jaria G., Silva C.P., Gil M.V., Otero M., Calisto V., Esteves V. (2017). Granular activated carbon produced from primary paper mill sludge. See more
Silva C.P., Jaria G., Otero M., Esteves V.I., Calisto V. (2017). Waste-based carbons: A competitive option for pharmaceuticals adsorption from water. See more
Lima D.L.D., Silva C.P., Silva G.S., Otero M., Esteves V.I. (2016). Low cost sample treatment methodologies for screening pharmaceuticals in environmental waters. See more
Vala H, Rodriguez-Seijo A, Lourenço J, Garcia C, Francisco A, Rocha-Santos T, Costa J, Pereira R. (2016). Routine histological technique applied to a biological model for environmental studies. Abstracts in Conference Proceedings of the XXI Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Animal Pathology. Beyond Routine Diagnosis: 19-20. See more
Cruz AC, Pitarma B, Vieira RP, Cunha MR (2016). Estudo taxonómico da Família Sternotpychidae (Actinopterygii, Stomiiformes) do Monte Submarino Senghor, Cabo Verde. Volume Especial da Revista Captar: Ciência e Ambiente para Todos 6 (1): 23. See more
Pitarma B, Cruz AC, Vieira RP, Cunha MR (2016). Peixes mesopelágicos do Monte Submarino Senghor, Cabo Verde. Volume Especial da Revista Captar: Ciência e Ambiente para Todos 6 (1): 54-55. See more
Fernandes, M.L. and Alves, F.L. (2016). How cumulative impact assessment supports maritime spatial planning? Front. Mar. Sci. Conference Abstract: XIX Iberian Symposium on Marine Biology Studies. doi: 10.3389/conf.FMARS.2016.05.00069. See more

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