A-AAGORA promotes participatory workshops in the Centro Region

The team responsible for the Portuguese Demonstrator of the A-AAGORA project organised a participatory workshop in the Centro region, which took place in three moments on 6, 13 and 20 November in Aveiro, Peniche and Figueira da Foz, respectively. The sessions were organised by the University of Aveiro and CCDRC, with the support of the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Aveiro and the Port of Aveiro Association.

The sessions had a similar format: an opening session to present the A-AAGORA project and the objectives of the workshop; parallel sessions in which the participants discussed, in small groups, the activities that have an impact on the marine and coastal ecosystems of the region; a session for the presentation of each group’s results to all the participants.

Finally, in a second parallel session, each group selected two factors with the greatest negative impact on the region’s marine and coastal ecosystems. The most frequently mentioned were pollution, climate change and coastal erosion.

In total, 55 stakeholders from the Centro Region attended the workshop, including representatives from the sectoral public administration, municipalities and town councils, industry and SMEs, NGOs and the maritime authority, bringing together different backgrounds in sport, tourism, economics, management and engineering, as well as fishermen, teachers, museum technicians, activists and residents.

These workshops serve as a platform for interacting with the local coastal community and understanding their needs, opinions, concerns and experiences of the region, essential information for pursuing the objectives of the A-AAGORA project.

For more information: DESTAQUES A-AAGORA

Text by: Dionísia Laranjeiro