Ocean Break Seminar to Discuss the Impact of Parasitic Diseases on Bivalve Exploitation and Management Strategies

12:30 - 13:30

On May 19, 2023, from 12:30 to 13:30, in amphitheater 9.1.1 (DEMaC), another edition of “Ocean Break” will take place, a series of seminars related to marine research conducted at CESAM.

This time, researcher Luísa Magalhães (CESAM/DBio) will address the impact of parasitic diseases on bivalve exploitation and the respective management strategies.

Bivalves are an important economic resource for coastal communities, representing about 20% of total European catches. In Portugal, they are traditionally harvested by small fishing associations. These animals are also considered key species in their environment. However, due to overfishing, inefficient management, environmental deterioration, and the emergence of diseases, bivalve populations have been decreasing.

In this Ocean Break session, results from previous research projects such as COACH will be presented, while new perspectives like UNTIE, recently funded by the FLAD Science Award, will be discussed.

This seminar is a joint organization between three research groups at CESAM: CDEC (Ecology and Conservation of Coastal and Deep-Sea Ecosystems), MBA (Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture), and POMG (Physical Oceanography and Marine Geology). Entry is open to all interested parties.