PRIMA Woman Greening Food Systems Award


PRIMA launched an award that seeks to shine a spotlight on two outstanding women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in promoting sustainability and resilience in food systems throughout the Mediterranean. With a cash prize of €10,000 for each of the two winners, the award aims to not only acknowledge their accomplishments but also to provide them with a platform to share their experiences and insights with a wider audience.

Deadline: 7 June 2024

As the Mediterranean region navigates the complexities of environmental sustainability and food security, empowering women to lead and innovate in the agrifood sector is essential for achieving lasting change. PRIMA wants to celebrate and support the remarkable achievements of women in driving positive change within the food and agriculture sector across the Mediterranean.

Applications are open to all legal entities or groups led by women operating within the Mediterranean Region. It encourages participants to showcase initiatives and projects that have led to tangible improvements in the sustainability and resilience of food systems. Joint applications from multiple participants are also welcome, provided they appoint a lead participant to represent them.

Applicants must demonstrate innovative solutions for greening food systems, evidence of impactful implementation, and women empowerment within the Mediterranean region, with a focus on environmental sustainability, measurable improvements in sustainability metrics, and inclusive participation in decision-making and project implementation led by women.

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