Water4All 2023 Joint Transnational Call Pre-announcement

Water4All Partnership aims at enabling water security for all in the long term by boosting systemic transformations and changes across the entire research–water innovation pipeline, fostering the matchmaking between problem owners and solution providers.

Water4All Partnership pre-announced a Joint Transnational Call for research and innovation that encloses funding organisations from 30 countries (including Portugal) all over Europe. The general theme of the Call is “Ecosystem Services”, with aquatic ecosystems as the focus, including inland surface water, groundwater, transitional and coastal water, and having water security on top of the objectives. The proposals are required to address at least one of the following topics:

Topic 1. Mapping, monitoring, and assessment for a better understanding of ecosystem services in a context of changes, from local to global change.

Topic 2. Understanding and predicting multiple pressures (including anthropogenic pressures) – impact–response relationships in ecosystem services through advanced methods and techniques.

Topic 3. New tools and solutions for a better integration of ecosystem services into the management of water resources.

Tentative timeline:

  • Call opening: 12 September 2023
  • Submission deadline of preproposals: 13 November 2023, 14:00 WEST
  • Selection of preproposals: End of February 2024
  • Submission deadline of full proposals: 29 April 2024, 14:00 WEST
  • Selection of funded proposals: September 2024
  • Projects start: end 2024 / beginning 2025

Eligibility Criteria

*The following principles are provided for information purposes, only the detailed criteria published in the final call announcement are binding.

  • Each consortium must be composed of at least a minimum of three eligible partners that request funding from participating Funding Partner Organisations from three different countries participating in the call.
  • In addition to the abovementioned condition, the projects must involve at least two independent legal entities from two different EU Member States or Horizon Europe associated countries as recipients of the financial support.
  • The upper limit of eligible project partners per consortium is 7, including 1 self-funded partners, if any.
  • No more than one self-funded project partner per consortium is allowed.
  • Each application must be submitted by a Consortium Coordinator who must be eligible for funding by a Funding Partner Organisation of this call.
  • The Principal Investigator of the entity acting as Consortium Coordinator can only participate in one proposal (i.e. if the Principal Investigator is the Consortium Coordinator of a proposal, he/she cannot participate in any other proposal, neither as a Consortium Coordinator nor as a partner).
  • The composition of the Consortium might be limited by national/regional regulations.

More information: Présentation PowerPoint (water4all-partnership.eu)