CESAM Day Celebrations

Yesterday, on September 13, 2023, the Center for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) enthusiastically celebrated its Annual Day. The event brought together its integrated members in a day that began with a plenary meeting of the Scientific Council. During the meeting, participants discussed and approved various proposed changes to the current CESAM regulations, presented by the scientific coordinator of CESAM, Professor Amadeu Soares. These changes included the creation of several new positions and bodies, updates to the scientific structure in line with the new strategic plan, and other key points for the continuous development and improvement of the research center.

During the meeting, the new CESAM institutional video was presented, emphasizing the work carried out by its members, as well as their dedication to research and various areas of expertise. For those who couldn’t be present for this premiere, they have the opportunity to watch the video here.

The celebrations of this day culminated in a socializing dinner attended by the University’s Rector, Prof. Paulo Jorge Ferreira, Administrator, Dr. Mário Pelaio, and Vice-Rectors Prof. Artur Silva and Prof. João Veloso. This moment provided an atmosphere of camaraderie and fellowship, where CESAM members had the opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas, and strengthen collaboration.

It can be said that CESAM Day was a success, uniting its community and reinforcing its members’ commitment to the institution and its values.