CESAM researcher discusses medication disposal on Rádio Renascença

Our researcher Bruno Nunes (CESAM/DBIO) was on the program “Turno da Tarde” of Rádio Renascença on the 19th of the past month to talk about Ecology and Environmental Sustainability.

During the interview, Bruno Nunes highlighted the environmental impact of improperly discarded medications. According to him, all medications contain biologically active compounds and, as such, have the capacity to alter functions of our body and of organisms exposed to them, such as in aquatic environments.

The researcher also explained that we often accumulate these substances at home and that if we dispose of them through the domestic waste treatment system (common trash or sewage), it has a negative influence on the environment. He recommends, therefore, that unused medications be returned to pharmacies participating in the VALORMED service so that they can be correctly processed, thus avoiding environmental contamination.

You can listen to the full interview here.