CESAM Researcher is the Commissioner of the Science Meeting 2023

From July 5th to 7th, 2023, the annual science and technology meeting in Portugal will take place at the University of Aveiro, with the theme “Science and Ocean Beyond the Horizon.” The researcher Helena Vieira (CESAM/DAO) and holder of the ERA CHAIR BESIDE Chair at the University of Aveiro is the commissioner of the event.

This year’s edition, as stated by the commissioner on the event’s website, “holds particular importance for all of us as a milestone of change: It will be the first meeting outside the capital city, and the chosen city is the beautiful city of Aveiro, surrounded by multiple waters where science is an unquestionable pillar of development; It is also, for the first time, a thematic meeting, focusing on the ocean and waters, their intrinsic connections and mutual impact, but above all, on the role of science in all its fullness of contributions to know, explore, and also protect the true lung of this planet.”

This annual event is promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and Ciência Viva – National Agency for Science and Technology Culture. It has the institutional support of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, through Minister Elvira Fortunato, and the Assembly of the Republic through the Education and Science Committee.

The official program of plenary sessions includes, among many others, the presence of Ministers Elvira Fortunato (Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education), Maria do Céu Antunes (Ministry of Agriculture and Food), and Diana Morant (Minister of Science and Innovation of Spain).

While the program for these sessions is still being finalized, it also includes two other CESAM researchers, Cristina Pita (CESAM/DAO) and Luís Menezes Pinheiro (CESAM/DGEO) (subject to confirmation).

The program, registration, and other information are available here.

Text by: CESAM based on information from the official event website