CESAM Researcher participates in Euromarine Open Science Day 2024

On February 13th, researcher Paulo Baganha from CESAM/DGeo and representative of CESAM in the network, attended the Euromarine Open Science Day 2024, where he presented a paper titled “Global warming and coastal changes: Application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in coastal erosion risk assessment”.

This year’s event, organized by Euromarine, focused on the theme “Science at the limits: Addressing the critical socio-ecological and climatic tipping points of marine ecosystems”. Current research highlights the urgency of addressing the risks of abrupt or irreversible environmental changes, especially in the face of transgressing the boundaries of terrestrial systems. The ocean, as one of the main regulators of the biosphere, is a priority for the European Union.

Euromarine promotes the annual Open Science Day, encouraging the academic community to contribute to the global challenges of the oceans. This year, February 13th was filled with high-level sessions featuring global experts and contributions from EuroMarine members, including young researchers and projects funded by the EU’s Ocean & Waters Mission.

Today, February 14th, the Euromarine General Assembly is being held, where representatives of the network members come together to validate the activities planned for 2024.

Learn more about this event here: Euromarine Open Science Day and General Assembly 2024 | EuroMarine (euromarinenetwork.eu)