Informatics Tools


A tool for environmental footprint assessment for touristic establishments and activities. Through this open tool, an eco-labelling system for destinations is made available, contributing both to reduce the environmental impact and to increase environmental awareness.

FunSec – Fungal Secreted Proteins (or Secretome) Prediction Pipeline

FunSec was designed to automate the prediction of fungal secreted proteins from single or multiple FASTA files. It uses a complex pipeline that contains programs for the prediction of signal peptides, trans-membrane regions, subcellular localization and endoplasmic reticulum targeting motifs. It can also be used to predict complete fungal secretomes.

Future Weather Generator

Innovative morphing software tool designed for building performance researchers with the latest state-of-art climate numerical data. The app is free, open-source, and cross-platform, allowing researchers to customize and extend it to meet their research needs, such as by adding other climate models and variables, ultimately, promotes scientific discovery and research reproducibility.

Microplastics Visual analysis tool

Open software for fast routine quantification of microplastics < 1 mm.

NBS Simulation Visualisation Tool

Tool that allows the evaluation and discussion on how much the nature-based solutions could impact on urban change adaptation simulating the effects on social, economic, and environmental domains.


Tool that allows stakeholders in the value chain of the fisheries sector to self-assess and to know the environmental and nutritional profiles of seafood products.