Documentary: Long-Distance Migrants: Between the Tagus and the Arctic. Life Lines. Architecture for Wildlife.


The Tagus Estuary, a refuge for thousands of birds choosing to spend the winter there. In this documentary, we will follow the migration of black-tailed godwits between the Tagus Estuary and the sub-arctic region of Iceland. It showcases the work of an international team led by Portuguese researchers who, for the past 15 years, have been dedicated to understanding these birds’ responses to global changes throughout the annual cycle and in locations as distant as the Arctic. Carrying enthusiasm and a profound passion for their work, they also raise awareness about the impact that the construction of a new airport at Montijo Air Base will have on the birds of the Tagus Estuary, which Portugal has committed to conserving under ratified community directives. The documentary was produced for RTP as part of the content consultation with audiovisual production companies.

Produced by: Play Solutions Audiovisuais

Author: Joaquim Pedro Ferreira (CESAM & UA) and José Augusto Alves (CESAM & UA)

Direction: Pedro Miguel Ferreira (Play Solutions Audiovisuais) and Joaquim Pedro Ferreira (CESAM & UA)

Editing: Pedro Miguel Ferreira (Play Solutions Audiovisuais)

Sound Design: Billyboom Sound Design

Scientific Coordination: José Augusto Alves (CESAM & UA) and Amadeu Soares (CESAM & UA)

Duration: 51m Aired: 2020 on RTP1, RTP Internacional, RTP África.

Audiovisual content only available in Portuguese.