Edna Correia (CESAM/FCUL) on the “90 seconds of science” program on Antena 1

Today, on October 13, Edna Correia, a researcher from CESAM/FCUL, was featured on the “90 seconds of science” program on Antena 1.

During the interview, the researcher shared some details about her work and explained that her goal was to study the trophic interactions between seabirds and predatory fish in the Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau. The results obtained so far have led to the conclusion that there are significant variations in the behavior of different bird species regarding their need to associate with predatory fish for feeding. However, a common prey item was identified in their diets – a pelagic fish from the sardine family. This relative of the sardine (Sardinella maderensis) plays a central role in the ecosystem’s functioning and is crucial for its stability.

The knowledge gained through the researcher’s work can guide the development of protective measures aimed at preserving this fish and the species that depend on it, thereby avoiding the risks of ecosystem collapse.

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