Ends the 2023 Edition of ‘Earth Systems Summer School’

Between July 2nd and 8th, another edition of the ‘Earth Systems Summer School’ took place on Terceira Island, Azores. This summer school had 60 participants from various European countries and North America.

The ‘Earth Systems Summer School’ is distinctively characterized by scientific interdisciplinarity, given its focus on the dynamics and interactions between different subsystems of the planet: the atmosphere, biosphere, ocean, and solid earth. This diversity is also reflected in the variety of academic backgrounds typically presented by the participants of this summer school. The program included lectures, workshops, field trips, both on land and in the ocean, and at the end, participants had the opportunity to present a 2-minute pitch.

As Eduardo Brito de Azevedo, one of the organizers of the summer school and a professor at the University of the Azores, mentioned to RTP Açores, “here we study the different interfaces that are usually studied separately. And we study them in order to understand the relationships and exchanges of mass and energy that exist between the various subsystems of the planet.”

The ‘Earth Systems Summer School’ is a partnership between several scientific organizations, including the Center for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) and the Department of Physics at the University of Aveiro. Researchers João Miguel Dias, Magda Sousa, and Nuno Vaz (CESAM/DFis) were part of the group of speakers for this summer school. João Miguel Dias, who was also one of the organizers of this event, emphasized that “the importance of this school for the University of Aveiro and its students, by promoting the institutional image through the dissemination of knowledge created in the institution in the field of physical oceanography and providing its 2nd and 3rd cycle students with enrichment of their knowledge through learning from various internationally renowned researchers, as well as initiating the creation of their personal network of contacts in the field of work.”

Text by: CESAM in collaboration with João Miguel Dias