First meeting of the CESAM Scientific Council in 2024

On January 5th, CESAM members gathered at the Renato Araújo Auditorium at the University of Aveiro to discuss the future of research in Portugal, with a special focus on the FCT Tenure Program.

In this well-attended meeting, CESAM’s scientific coordinator, Professor Amadeu Soares, emphasized that FCT Tenure is another mechanism for scientific employment aimed at mitigating the precariousness of researchers. This is achieved through the permanent hiring of Researchers and Lecturers, with an initial financial contribution from FCT towards salary expenses. In the case of researchers, FCT provides support for the first 6 years, covering an average of 50% of total costs. After the seventh year, there is a financial commitment from the UI, naturally limiting the number of positions offered to researchers, considering the future financial sustainability of CESAM. Professor Amadeu Soares also highlighted the advantages of non-academic chairs under this FCT Tenure program.

At the end of the meeting, wishes for a promising new year were extended to all CESAM members, reinforcing the mutual commitment to excellence in research and the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Text by: CESAM