New tool PARCopedia created to connect professionals in Chemical Risk Assessment

As part of the European project PARC “European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals,” integrated into CESAM, PARCopedia emerges as a new tool for the community of professionals in chemical risk assessment.

PARCopedia is available on an online platform accessible at, offering a wide range of resources and networking opportunities for experts in the field. Through this tool, users have access to information on how to explore updated and user-friendly web pages covering all aspects of chemical risk assessment, both within and outside the European Union. It notably highlights the coverage of innovations based on new approach methods (NAM) and next-generation risk assessment (NGRA).

In addition to facilitating connections between professionals, PARCopedia serves as a comprehensive source of information on chemicals, methods, regulations/legislation, and activities. The platform also features a dedicated section for job opportunities in the field, establishing itself as a tool that offers significant possibilities for professional advancement in chemical risk assessment.

To join this dynamic community and stay updated on chemical risk assessment, access the link

Registration is open to all interested individuals in the field.

Learn more about PARCopedia at: and about the European project PARC at:

Join PARCopedia and contribute to the global dialogue on chemical risk assessment by sharing ideas and experiences with professionals from various disciplines.

Text by: CESAM in collaboration with Susana Loureiro